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Summary of main Terms and Conditions - full details supplied on request.

LogIT products are primarily designed for use in science education and research and therefore the instructions, resources, approvals and software reflects this, although LogIT products may find other applications in industry, business and home consumers.

Title of goods

Legal Title of goods (ownership) remains with DCP Microdevelopments Limited until the full payment of any outstanding invoice or amount due is made. Payment may be made by direct bank transfer, cheque, pre-authorised account or credit card using the details shown on each invoice. In all transactions any bank charges must be prepaid by the customer so that the full invoiced amount(s) are received by DCP Microdevelopments Limited, payable in UK pounds sterling.


There are so many makes, models and variations of computer hardware and operating system software that it is impossible to test LogIT system compatibility with every one of them. Consequently our description of computer compatibility is offered as general advice and neither DCP or its resellers can guarantee full compatibility with every computer and so cannot be held responsible for the specfic purchase of computers or other equipment for use with LogIT.


Our products are guaranteed for 12 months from date of purchase unless otherwise specified. This assumes the products have been looked after, used in accordance with instructions and for the use they are designed for.

If you suspect your product is faulty then please contact DCP for advice and if required authorisation for return using our specific service repair form - we may have to charge for handling and cost of returning products which are found to have no fault so please contact us first. Do not send any other sensors or accessories (such as carry case) with the faulty product unless specifically asked to do so.

The warranty is a return to base warranty which means that following approval from DCP goods need to be sent for repair at the owners cost but will be returned at DCP's cost. It is the owners responsibility to ensure the goods are well packed with full documentation and fault report and arrive safely and securely at DCP.

Overseas customers please contact your supplier or DCP for details on warranty and return policy.

Out of Warranty Service and repairs

We are pleased to offer a fixed price repair and service scheme for many of our products which enables DCP to repair items efficiently and the customer to know the cost of a repair before returning them.

Please contact DCP for more information.


In all cases any liability is limited to repair, replacement or refund of original cost of the equipment manufactured by DCP Microdevelopments and no other equipment or consequential loss. It is for the purchaser to decide if the product or service offered is fit for the particular purpose they intend.

Customers legal and consumer rights are not affected.

All prices quoted on this website are uk only and exclude VAT at current government rates unless otherwise stated.

DCP Microdevelopments is a long established business (1981) which prides itself on quality of product design, manufacture and customer service and support. But if you ever have cause for disappointment or complaint please write in confidence to the Managing Director, David Palmer who will respond promptly to your contact.