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New for Secondary

NEW Light Gate Vision! - See the Light!!

  • High intensity visible beam which students can actually see & understand.
  • Versatile positioning using stand, rod(supplied) or standard tripod camera thread.
  • Gate indicator to assist setup and ensure reliable results.
  • Can be used in full class lighting or outside in moderate sunlight.
  • Super fast - current and future software compatible.

Click here to download manual (PDF).

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Black Box

Complete Lab in a box for 99! Logger - Software - Sensors!

  • Complete Lab in a box for 99! - uses standard Desk or notebook Windows PC
  • Easiest, most complete and lowest cost datalogging solution for secondary science
  • Comprehensive Investigation and Instruction book included
  • Really easy to own and use: No buttons, No Batteries, No problems!
  • Temperature sensor for measuring -10C to +110C range
  • Smart Eye sensor for light level, time and speed measurement
  • Fast scope mode for seeing sound waves, collisions etc
  • Uses PC for power and control - no batteries or switches!
  • 10 Year warranty. (See conditions below)

Click here for warranty details.

Infrared Sensor

Measures radiated energy in w/m2 plus temperature.

  • Compact design for probing small areas
  • Herschel's discovery of infrared
  • Residual heat left by warm objects, eg hands, cups etc
  • Insulation & Loss of Heat
  • Solar Radiation
  • Sensor Range 250-1800 w/m2
  • LogIT Lab has temperature scale option - use as non-contact thermometer

CO2 Sensor

Measures CO2 levels to enable investigations into the effects on the environment.

  • CO2 Metering and recording
  • Plant respiration and effectiveness
  • Climate Change
  • Effects of CO2 and ventilation on Human performance
  • Air Quality
  • Sick building syndrome

Force Sensor

Can be used for dynamics investigations, collisions & impacts, simple harmonic motion, transfers of energy etc.


  • Dynamics, collisions and impacts
  • Simple harmonic motion
  • Transfers of energy
  • Range -30 to +30 Newtons
  • Scale option for 0-3000g on LogIT Lab for use as a balance
  • Fast collision monitoring when using Black box, DataVision or Voyager dataloggers


Measures comparative levels of electromagnetic radiation from everyday electronic products like mobile phones and masts, wireless computer networks and cordless phones.


  • Detect, display and record high frequency radiation and radio frequency noise
  • Quantify and compare different appliance radiation, eg phones, WiFi, etc
  • Investigate effectiveness of screening materials
  • Bandwidth 100MHz to 2.5GHz

DataSweet for LogIT - Now available from 39.00!

Use LogIT with your Macintosh computers using this special edition of Kudlian Softs DataSweet package and a new LogIT plug-in which gives it great Datalogging connectivity for both live and remotely recorded data. You can also expand the package with extra modules to add database, spreadsheet and video capability
The software requires Mac OS X version 10.4 or above and is a Universal application so works with both the latest Intel based Macintosh models or older Power PC computers.

  • New generation Mac OS X datalogging software for LogIT
  • Expandable with other plug-in modules
  • Universal edition works with both PowerPC and Intel based Macintosh computers