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Heat Detective

Science IS fun for only 40!!

Heat detective is a resource using a completely new kind of sensor that enables young minds to experiment with 'invisible' heat energy in a FUN and FASCINATING way.

Projects include...

  • Hot hats - Investigate body heat loss - Design hats & gloves
  • Where is the Genie? - Cooling by evaporation
  • Who touched that? - Leaving heat behind
  • Bats in the belfry - Loft insulation
  • and many more..

Explorer Starter Plus Packs

Now includes Explorer Interactive multi-media software package

  • Built-in Light, Temperature & Sound sensors
  • Easy 2 button use - Green for go, Red for stop
  • Clear LCD screen to view readings
  • Capture & store data remotely, away from the computer
  • Built in timing - Measure Speed and Time
  • Meter function
  • Continuous or snapshot logging mode.
  • Complete with experiment guide & carry case

Plus Explorer Interactive multi-media software package
An exciting Multimedia resource designed for students & teachers demonstrating how to use Explorer in 12 different investigations.
10 Year Warranty.

Click here for warranty details.

Explorer with Control

Doing this, does that?

Use Explorer to detect changes in temperature, light and sound,then trigger the controller to.

  • Turn on a fan, buzzer or bulb.
Children can quickly build and demonstrate...
  • Air Conditioning
  • Burglar alarm
  • Automatic lighting....
Projects include...
  • Automatic hot drink cooler
  • Easter egg thief detector
  • Wind powered fire engine...& many more