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The LogIT Black Box and Voyager Oscilloscope function.

Do you wish you could display a fully working oscilloscope on a projector or computer screen?
LogIT have the answer with the new LogIT Oscilloscope function in LogIT Lab which is included with the new LogIT Black Box (from 99 complete) and LogIT Voyager (from 199 complete) both USB and long range wireless versions.
Original Voyager's can be upgraded to incorporate the new oscilloscope function free of charge!!

To upgrade your existing Voyager, Click here.
For information about Voyager, Click here.
For information about Black Box, Click here.

Talking into the sound wave sensor (D100157) 

Talking plot 

Tuning fork plot 

Analyzing a tuning fork using sound wave sensor (D100157) 

Modeling clay dropped onto force sensor (D100157) 

Impact plot 


  • Time division from 0.5 to 100ms
  • Volts per division from 5mV to 20V
  • Use to capture sound wave patterns from tuning forks and speakers
  • Use to capture fast events such as collisions and impacts