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The DCP Sensor adapter for LEGO.

The DCP sensor adapter adapter for LEGO RCX allows standard LogIT Microsense sensors to be used with LEGO RCX and RoboLab version 2 extending sensing possibilities and allowing RCX to be used as a data logger as well as a controller. You can download a leaflet from link below.

Another version of the sensor adapter will also be available for the LEGO NXT arriving very soon!!

Which Microsense sensors can I use?

These are the current Microsense sensors which are supported in RoboLab 2.5 and above:

Microsense sensor  Range  Part number 
ProTemp temperature  -30 to +130ºC  D100047 
Sound Level  50-100dBA  D100060 
Standard pH amplifier  0-14  D100056 
Adjustable pH amplifier  0-14  D100086 
Redox & Ion selective electrode Adapter  +/- 1200mV  D100082 
HumiPro Humidity  1-100% RH  D100077 
Barometric Air pressure  800-1100mb  D100041 
Air Pressure  0-200kPa  D100080 
Rotary Position  0-340º  D100059 
Voltage Probe set  -24 to +24Vdc  D100045 
Current Probe set  -1A to +1A dc  D100068 
Accelerometer  -50 to +50 m/s/s  D100042 
LUX light sensor  0 to 50,000 LUX  D100073 
Designer set for own sensors  Switch 0/1 & 0 - 2.5Vdc  D100058 

Where can I get the sensor adapter and sensors?

The sensor adapter and RoboLab 2 are exclusively available from your LEGO Dacta dealer (see and the DCP Microsense sensors are available from some Dacta dealers or from DCP LogIT datalogging system distributors world-wide - see here for contact details.
Please note that DCP Sensors are only supported in version 2 onwards of Robolab.
Be sure to download the latest sensor updates files of RoboLab 2 from the Dacta web site as there are enhanced sensor updates since the release of RoboLab 2.0

How does it work?

The adapter is far from just a LEGO 4 stud connector wired straight into a DIN socket! Although it looks very simple, the DIN socket of the adapter actually contains many micro-components (including 2 amplifiers, a voltage regulator, 6 diodes, resistors etc!) mounted on both sides of a miniature circuit board. This micro circuitry regulates power from the RCX into a voltage suitable for the DCP Microsense sensors and also converts the output from the sensor into a signal suitable for the the RCX - all of this down just 2 wires! We made it small in order for it to fit right into the sensor socket so that the overall system remains compact and sensors can be hand held or used in a stand etc.

Download/View Adapter & Sensor Factsheet (PDF)

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